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Pensee is a writing-focused minimal WordPress theme. It expresses the analog warmth of a book in a digital form.

Just like a book

Pensee was designed with the goal of expressing the analog warmth of a book in a digital form. The unique layout and meticulous typography deliver your writing beautifully to your readers in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Solid design

Pensee will show its beauty the instant you activate the theme. You don’t have to fight with the Customizer or pages to get the theme working. Moreover it’s been firmly designed so its visual appearance won’t collapse.

Effective customization

Pensee offers excellent customization. In addition to 5 widgets and 3 menus, you can also set custom backgrounds. Furthermore you can also modify various theme options including fonts, colors, layout, title, and logo through the Customizer.

The author's name and profile are filled using the Display Name and Biographical Info in their user settings. Additionally their Gravater appears in the profile photo.